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Tema: International Conference on Business, Entrepreneurship and Management (ICBEM 2012)
Judul: The Influence of Retailing Mix Performance and Customer Relationship Marketing on Customer Loyalty
Perguruan Tinggi: Universitas Widyatama
Jenis/sdm: dosen/0428027803

Tahun: 2012

Today the retail business is growing rapidly in Indonesia, retailers specifically local and foreign mini market compete tightly in offering goods and services. This in turn is accompanied by growing consumer demand upon excellent service and quality products. Facing this kind of market the company must increase their competitive advantage if they want to survive in the mini market retailing industry. This condition indicated the importance that the mini market , b'usiness should focus on efforts in maintaining the loyalty of their customers. Customer loyalty is important and crucial in the marketing world. Retail industry customer in Indonesia tends to be disloyal, the average customer have 4 retail channels per person. To give an alternative solution toward problems on customer loyalty at mini market, it is imperative that this research conveys variables that influence customer loyalty. The variables are retailing mix and customer relationship. Through this research it can be known what dimensions shape the overall variables in relevance with assessment objectives and what the influence between variables are. The characteristics assessed in this research are retailing mix and customer relationship which have influenced upon customer loyalty. Because the constructs are unobservable variables assessment is conducted through indicators (manifested from concept) directly as observable variables. The analysis conducted is descriptive analysis for variables that are qualitative and verificative as hypothesis measurement by using statistic test for thing that have causality by nature., The number of samples are 200 respondents who are selected by stratified random sampling from mini markets customers who already obtain membership from mini markets who have conducted customer relationship in Bandung. The outcome of this research shows that retailing mix and customer relationship have a significant influence upon customer loyalty. But the influence of customer relationship on customer loyalty is higher than the influence of retailing mix on loyalty.