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Tema: International Journal of Basic and Applied Science (IJBAS) P-ISSN : 2301-4458, E-ISSN : 2301-8038 Vol.02, No.03, January 2014
Judul: Integration of SERVQUAL and KANO Model Into QFD To Improve Quality of Simulation-Based Training on Project Management
Perguruan Tinggi: Universitas Widyatama
Jenis/sdm: dosen/0429097401

Tahun: 2014

- This study was performed to measure and to make priority of quality improvement of simulation-based training on project management field by using integration of SERVQUAL and KANO Models into Quality Function Deployment (QFD) method. This proposed approach aims to help training provider to evaluate trainee satisfaction, to improve performance, and to improve quality of simulationbased training. Descriptive-survey study was conducted with distribution of 3 training providers, 2 instructors, 3 industry managers, and 130 trainees. The standard questionnaire of SERVQUAL and KANO model has been used as the main research tool. The findings of KANO and SERVQUAL models show that six of the total 31 service quality attributes as trainee needs are chosen to be improved, implying the maximum effect on trainee satisfaction. Through QFD method, seven of the total 9 technical requirements are properly proposed to answer the trainee needs as follows: optimize couching program, increasing number of instructor, develop a instructor competency, transforming learning method, adjusting the time of training, revising training module, delivery training module on punctual.