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Tema: International Conference on Language, Literature and Cultural Studies
Judul: Dialogue Journal : A Way to Improve Classroom Interaction
Perguruan Tinggi: Universitas Widyatama
Jenis/sdm: dosen/0406027404

Tahun: 2013

‘Do you have any questions?’ is a common question asked by a teacher to the students in the classroom. Unfortunately, this question often does not get the expected responses from the students due to several reasons. They may be shy or reluctant to ask questions. They simply do not have questions because things are clear or they just do not know what to ask. This situation indicates less favorable interaction between a teacher and students. A good communication between a teacher and students may lead to a better learning outcome. Brown (2001) states that from the very beginning of language study, classroom should be interactive. It means interaction is essential in determining the success in a language class. Therefore, an effort should be taken to cope with the above situation. Cited from Bolton (2013) Mansor (et al. 2011) proposes that dialogue journals can provide a substitute for actual conversation. This paper elaborates 1) challenges students encounter in language learning, 2) how dialogue journal facilitates interaction between teacher and students, and 3) to what extent dialogue journal helps better learning outcome.