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Tema: International Conference on Islamic Economics Management Accounting Business and Social Sciences (ICIEMABS) 2016
Judul: Effect Of Competence And Work Discipline To Performance And Its Impact On Revenues Increasing Cooperationsea Fishing In Indramayu
Perguruan Tinggi: Universitas Widyatama
Jenis/sdm: dosen/9990054897

Tahun: 2016

Maintain a presence and existence of the cooperative cannot be separated from factors and the role of the existing human resources that is associated with competence and discipline work, because in the operational activities cannot be forgotten the importance of the role of the board and employees in the cooperative. One of them is the factor of competence management and discipline of employees to achieve cooperation in carrying out activities in order to support the achievement of high performance. Marine Fisheries Cooperative as a cooperative engaged in marine fishing requires officers and employees who have both factors. This study aims to determine the effect of two variables on the performance of the board and employees of the cooperative. In this study a sample of 97 people were taken as respondents from the existing population. The research method used is descriptive and verification. As for the technique of data collection using questionnaires and direct observations, and for the calculation using SPSS 18. The result obtained results of correlation (r1) of 0.575 for competence (X1), and the results of correlation (r2) of 0.352 for labor discipline ( X2) is 0.557, which are all included in the category of moderate or good enough.Effect of Competence and Discipline simultaneously work on the performance was 66.9%. Based on the results of the above calculation proved that performance management and employee well, and this has an impact on increasing cooperative efforts so and will be able to provide increased revenue for fisheries cooperative ocean at Indramayu.