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Tema: International Journal of Economic Research ISSN: 0972-9380 Issue 8, No.13, 2016
Judul: Developing Entrepreneurship Competency and Economic Added Value Among The Graduates (Study at Private Universities in Indonesia)
Perguruan Tinggi: Universitas Widyatama
Jenis/sdm: dosen/0023105403

Tahun: 2016

Based on several studies, it suggests that the effective entrepreneurship education resulted from suitable design pursuant to the needs and conditions of respective university. That is why the goal of this study is to find appropriate learning solutions so that graduates will have a strong entrepreneurial competence which results in intention to become enterepreneurs for their business career after graduation. Methodology used in this research is as follows: To determine whether learning styles include Concrete Experience (CE), Active Observation (AO), Abstract conceptualization (AC) and Active Experimentation (AE) when they form the competence of entrepreneurship through Achievement, Thinking and Problem Solving and Dealing with People. The next step is to conduct a survey by distributing questionnaires to 301 undergraduate respondents out of 350 graduates. After that the researcher designed Competency Based Learning and analyzed how the competent graduates can provide economic added value. Findings of the research is as follows: individual learning styles that make up the competence of entrepreneurship is Diverger Concrete Experience (CE) and Reflective Observation (RO) learning patterns. Accordingly, universities need to design entrepreneurship education curriculum, ways of learning, evaluation and entrepreneur culture. So that competent graduates will generate superior performance that brings about the economic value leading to the contribution of the economic growth. The implications of this research is entrepreurship education is different from the business one. Entrepreneurship education will produce graduates intending to select their careers as job creators and tougher start up business persons.