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Tema: The 14th Annual SEAAIR Conference
Judul: The Role of Opinion Leadership and Sundanese Knowledge in Improving Intention to Use Sundanese Language in Bandung Higher School Students
Perguruan Tinggi: Universitas Widyatama
Jenis/sdm: dosen/0421116301#0210U188

Tahun: 2014

ASEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY (AEC) is One form of the three pillars that comprised of ASEAN community (Pangestu, 2009). One of the forms of economic cooperation is tourism economics. This research related to the preservation of one of the cultures in Indonesia, that is the Sundanese language. To preserve the Sundanese language is to maintain the cultural diversity as one of the commodities that trade among ASEAN countries. This research motivated by the decrease of use of sundanese language in Bandung as capital city of West Java, the most province that inhabited by Sundanese, on the other hand, UNESCO declares that mother tongue is one of the culture factors that must be preserved. One of the factors that can increase the intention to use the Sundanese language is the role of Opinion Leaders, therefore, this study examines the role of Sundanese language Knowledge and Sundanese Opinion Leaders in improving intention Students in Bandung to use Sundanese language. The role is explored through the relationship amongs the three variables that examined, and the result is that two independent variables, these are Knowledge of Sundanese, and Opinion Leaderships have significant relationships with intention to use Sundanese language. Consequently the government of Bandung City should have a specific strategy to develop sundanese language, it is not just through formal education, but emphasize on the promotion of the sundanese language through opinion leaders or word of mouth communication.