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Tema: Universal Journal of Educational Research ISSN: 2332-3205 (Print) - 2332-3213 (Online) Vol 7 No (4A) 2019
Judul: Learning Media for Biology Subject Based on Multimedia in Junior High School Level
Perguruan Tinggi: Universitas Widyatama
Jenis/sdm: dosen/0410057101#0607056#0420037601

Tahun: 2019

Information is a necessity in this era, so it encourages the advancement of information technology flourish and rapidly, in addition it provides some varieties of ways to catch the users obtaining information and technology. One of the conveniences of that fashion is that students at junior high school can easily access dealing with Biology learning material. Information and technology in the form of multimedia-based software packaged as a media of learning some particulars subjects, in this case they apply to Biology learning. Instructional media provide an overview and understanding to the junior high school students in studying Biology visually, dynamic and interactive. Learning in a visual medium provides visualization interest in studying biology, so students can understand the material SMP comprehensively. An interactive learning media gives the impression that the learning is carried out by two-sided directions, yet the students are invited to participate as creators in studying Biology. Multimedia-based learning media packed into software which capable in presenting the material, in this case is Biology.