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Tema: Hubungan Internasional
Judul: Indonesian and Russia Relation in Response with Changing Strategic Environment
Perguruan Tinggi: Universitas Presiden
Jenis/sdm: dosen/0313107302

Tahun: 2018

Relations between Indonesia and Russia seem to be getting closer after agreeing to speed up the drafting of a new strategic partnership agreement in Moscow. A Plan of Consultation for 2017-2019 was signed by Ministers Retno L.P Marsudi and Sergey Lavrov aimed at intensifying dialogue between the two countries. Indonesia is important to Russia not only as a partner on international level, but as a country that plays a major role in the Southeast Asia. Under the Russia-ASEAN dialogue partnership, a road map for economic cooperation has been agreed upon and implemented. Over the past two decades, economic cooperation between Russia and Southeast Asia has lagged behind political cooperation. The writer argues efforts to strengthen closer trade and economic cooperation are needed to overcome existing barriers. This paper attempts to elaborate Indonesia-Russia trade relations as searching for a new strategic partnership. It is further argued that Russia is important to Indonesia and vice versa considering both countries are promising and reliable partner in economy and defense cooperation.