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Tema: Elektro
Judul: Feasibility Study on Structural Health Monitoring System Using Fiber-Optic Sensors (FOS) Technology for Transportation Infrastructures in Indonesia
Perguruan Tinggi: Universitas Presiden
Jenis/sdm: dosen/8839501019#0413097801

Tahun: 2018

Objective of this research is on the feasibility study to determine the possibility of using fiber optic sensor technology for monitoring structural health and integrity of transportation and civil infrastructures such as bridges and roads in Indonesia. Two aspects are discussed: cost-effective analysis and innovative technology applications. This paper presents the review results based on literature surveys and vendor product brochures of fiber-optic sensors for infrastructure health monitoring applications which could be used as a preliminary study and recommendation for current government regarding the implementation of fiber optic sensor in Indonesia. Since we realized that this topic spans out many disciplines, we limited our goal to only providing the basic conceptual framework. But experts interview will also be made in the future as supporting evidences (proofs) that the use of fiber-optic sensor technology makes it possible to realize the continuous, real-time, and automatic transportation infrastructural health monitoring. As compared to the previous conventional sensor technology, fiber optic sensor is introduced as one of smart structure sensors which is predicted as a more cost-effective and innovative solution among those. Hopefully, Indonesian government will be strongly committed to build or provide those worth optical fiber sensors in the future for the benefit of society.