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Tema: Influence factors, project-level productivity, project completion
Judul: Study in Factors Affecting Project Level Productivity in Indonesia
Perguruan Tinggi: Universitas Katolik Parahyangan
Jenis/sdm: dosen/0421026301

Tahun: 2011

The most challenging issue in Construction industry in the last decade is how to improve the productivity. Many researches have been done in the last decade however a deeper understanding is still needed to improve the productivity. The aim of this study is to get the latest information and to identify the key factors that affect project-level productivity in Indonesia. Data were collected through questionnaires distributed to respondents who work at various projects in wide area in Indonesia. The questionnaire explores factors identified from past researches and then measured their level of affect to project-level productivity in Indonesia. The data collected were analyzed using the Relative-Importance-Index (RII) to find the key factors. The results show that the most influential factors to project level productivity in Indonesia are: design, implementation plan, labor, supervision, material, field management, equipment, leadership and coordination. Furthermore, each factor has their key component. Research finding also identifies seven components which have high influence to project-level productivity, that is inaccurate design, unclear command to workers, changes in design, incomplete design, low skill levels of worker, inappropriate work methods and poor schedule plan. The results will become worthwhile information in efforts to improve the productivity in Indonesian construction industry.