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Tema: Image, Imagination, Church, Apprehension, Real assent, Notional assent, Local church,Ecclesiology from below, Evocative and synthetic functions of imagination, Transformationess
Judul: Images of The Church and The Christians' Imagination In Java
Perguruan Tinggi: Universitas Katolik Parahyangan
Jenis/sdm: dosen/0416097102

Tahun: 2010

We have reams of ideas about the church. We like to talk about them, amazed by their resourcefullness. But these are ideas. When it is the ideas that are touched upon, the actors on the stage are not the ordinary people. They are intellectuals; indeed, theologians. It is a church-talk. However, when it comes down to the faithful, the church becomes churches. The ideas become images. The talk becomes imagining. For Christians in Java, togetherness in the circles of friends and families has always been an everydayness. And in this togetherness, what is spoken about is not the idea, but first of all the 'image' of a familial community. These people have a lot of time to share how they can live their lives at each moment. They are not very much 'systematic' in their way of sharing experiences, and they do not want to complicate things, for they already think that things have always been complicated enough in life. Their simple hopes and concerns are always oriented towards the harmony of their community life. They imagine, interpret and evaluate many things, so as to find the relatedness of realities in their togetherness. In this sense, this paper wants to capture those marvelous moments driven by the believers' imagination on the epistemological level of the believers' experience.