Detail Inovasi Perguruan Tinggi

Tema: Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris
Judul: Assessing EFL Textbooks for Indonesian High School Students
Perguruan Tinggi: Sekolah Tinggi Keguruan dan Ilmu Pendidikan Panca Sakti Bekasi
Jenis/sdm: dosen/0424106502

Tahun: 2018

This study assesses the EFL textbooks used for Indonesian high school students. It is
aimed at assessing whether the textbooks meet the criteria of a good EFL textbook. For
this purpose, an approach to content or document analysis was employed. The data
were collected from an EFL textbook “Pathway to English”. The assessment was based
on eight dimensions of textbook criteria including layout and design, subject and
content, objective, types of texts, language skills, activities and tasks, grammar and
vocabulary, and teachers’ book. The results of the assessment showed that the textbook
mostly meets the criteria of a good EFL textbook. However, some items in dimensions
one, two, three, four, six, and seven were not fulfilled. Moreover, the teacher’s book was
not provided. This implies that the EFL textbook may be used for high school students
with some revisions.
Keywords: assessment, EFL textbooks, good EFL textbook, textbooks for high school students