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Tema: diplomacy, women migrant workers, human rights, effective diplomacy, negotiation
Judul: The Indonesian Women Migrant Workers, Redefinition and Termination of Sending Them Abroad
Perguruan Tinggi: Universitas Katolik Parahyangan
Jenis/sdm: dosen/0416066401

Tahun: 2019

Indonesian diplomacy criticized as “to slow, too weak, and too late” to protect its migrant workers. Indonesianmigrant workers that consist 80% of women, sent to fulfill the high demand for domestic workers and low levellabor in Saudi Arabia and Malaysia. The qualification of workers that mostly uneducated and lack of job experiencecaused many social-economic issues in receiving countries. Moreover, lack of training led to problems related to violation of human and workers’ rights, even in many cases turned as the victim of human trafficking. The problems at domestic level are related to corrupt government officials, weak of bureaucracy, and lack of coordination amongst government’s institutions. In addition, the business interests of recruiting agents both at homeand host countries added to complexity of issues. Problems during recruitment, preparation and sending processalso caused legal, social and cultural problems that need diplomatic efforts both at bilateral and multilateral level.Due to diplomatic failure that undermined Indonesian reputation in receiving countries, in addition to unresolveddomestic problems, this article proposes the Indonesian government to terminate the sending of domestic workers.Furthermore, the immigration policy needs to be reevaluates. In the future, the Indonesian government should onlysend legal, documented workers, with skilled or semi-skilled qualifications