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Tema: ITS design priority, large bus terminal, large city, sustainable transportation, Indonesia
Judul: ITS Design Priority at Large Bus Terminal in Indonesia in Supporting Sustainable Transportation
Perguruan Tinggi: Universitas Katolik Parahyangan
Jenis/sdm: dosen/0431126401#0417125401#0427028205

Tahun: 2019

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) is an important part of sustainable transportation. Implementation of ITS at large bus terminal is needed in order to increase the service quality to the passenger and encourage people to use public transportation. Unfortunately, not all of large bus terminal in large cities in Indonesia have implemented ITS yet. The aim of this study is to identify availability of ITS implementation at the large bus terminal, to evaluate whether the ITS system has fulfil the ITS standard in Indonesia, and to recommend ITS design to be implemented based on the needs, priority, and local condition at the large bus terminal. Implementation of ITS is compulsory but priority is also important based on limited support of financial, officer’s capability, and commitment of the authority are the challenges. Case study is carried out at Cicaheum large bus terminal type-A in Bandung, Indonesia. Standard used is regulation of Ministry of in Indonesia, and number 132 year 2015 regarding information technology standard, including safety aspect, security aspect, reliability aspect, convenience aspect, easily aspect, and equality aspect of ITS implementation. Data collection used is direct observation of ITS implementation at Cicaheum large bus terminal in Bandung, Indonesia, questionnaire and interview with the bus terminal authority regarding the ITS implementation. Analysis method is Simple Additive Weighting. Result indicated that ITS design priority is CCTV application, topping bus ticket, automatic door bar at terminal gate, availability of facility of disable person, digital facility sign, traffic sign development, on time bus schedule, passenger information in the terminal regarding bus delay, and online/ mobile ticketing. Since these part of ITS is implemented, then based on existing condition of the large bus terminal, other part of ITS can also be implemented in the future.