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Tema: MATEC Web of Conferences 181, 06005 (2018)
Judul: Evaluation of performance and service quality of Trans Bandung Raya Bus (case study: route of Elang Terminal – Jatinangor Terminal)
Perguruan Tinggi: Universitas Jenderal Achmad Yani
Jenis/sdm: dosen/0404016701

Tahun: 2018

Abstract. Land transportation needs are increasing. One of the problems

is the uncontrolled number of private vehicles. Buses as public

transportation become the right choice to overcome the problem. Bus rapid

transit is a fast, convenient, secure and punctual. The research purpose is to

know the performance of Trans Bandung Raya Bus (TBRB) based on the

policy of Director General of Land Transportation Decision

No.SK.687/AJ.206/DRJD/2002 and to analyze the service quality factors

of TBRB. The method of service quality assessment is Importance

Performance Analysis. The research showed that the total value of TBRB's

performance is 23 and based on the performance standards of the Director

General of Land Transportation Decision is the "Good" category. The

value of TBRB service quality (2.63) is smaller than the expected value

(3.31) which means that TBRB have to keep improving their performance.

The service quality variables that need to be improved are Empathy and