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Tema: Placed based Innovations
Judul: Role of Local Forum for Bridging Transfer of Technology: Lesson Learned Community University Partnership from Jatinangor University Town
Perguruan Tinggi: Institut Manajemen Koperasi Indonesia
Jenis/sdm: dosen/0407066203

Tahun: 2012

Community University Partnership (CUP) as part of triple helix space is a systemic process between actors and between institutions as a transmission channel of knowledge through research, both nationally and internationally will be able to transfer of science and technology to the local conditions. The critical point contribution of universities-community partnership is role of the university not only as agent of generative of growth in community and local conditions. The effectiveness of the interaction of technology transfer can be seen in the variable impact point and local capacity development. Local Forum is important local key local instution for conducting transfer of technology process, includin involving, social learning process, structural social process amongs actors of university-community.