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Tema: Manajemen
Judul: The Relationship between Price, Lead Time, and Delay toward the Order Quantity in Steel Manufacturer
Perguruan Tinggi: Universitas Presiden
Jenis/sdm: dosen/0418077102

Tahun: 2013

In the manufacturing, purchasing is one of the important departments due to upwards of 60 % of cost comes from parts and material purchasing. Reliable and trustworthy suppliers are a vital link in an effective purchasing process. Beside quality and price, timely deliveries of goods or services are one which can be contributed by supplier for the effective operations, especially in raw materials. This research is conducted to investigate the relationship between price, lead time, and delay toward the order quantity in steel manufacturer at PT. Chunpao Steel Indonesia (CPS), Karawang, West Java, Indonesia. By analyzing the relationship, the researcher will gain enough information for the most factor which influencing the decision in raw material purchasing for PT. CPS. The study adopted the theory of purchasing and business buyer behavior, using a quantitative method for investigate and analysis the relationship between three independent variables : price, lead time, delay toward the dependent variables, order quantity. The research samples are consisting of 42 incoming shipments from period of May 2009 until June 2012. Data were tested with classic assumption test, and analyzed by the multiple linear regressions, which the statistical hypothesis is tested using t-test and F-test with the level of significance is set at 5%. Based on the analysis result, it be found that only price has a significant relationship to the order quantity. The coefficient of determination of this research is 0.191, which mean that 19.1% of order quantity can be explained by price, lead time, and delay, while the rest for 80.9% is explained by other factors that not examined.