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Tema: Komunikasi
Judul: Fashion, Celebrity, and Entertainment: Attention Economy and the Rise of Indonesian Middle-Class Muslims
Perguruan Tinggi: Universitas Presiden
Jenis/sdm: dosen/ 0410018203

Tahun: 2016

People are constantly craving for attention. People often have to divide their attention towards many different subjects (and their own personal daily life) – attention, then, has become a thing to compete for and it has become limited. In today’s world, it is often deemed that the economy is driven by “the production and exchange of information than by the production and exchange of material goods.” However, it is actually the attention of the customer/audience, in its limited state, that leads to the competition for attention to keep the economy running – thus, the concept of ‘Attention Economy’ – where it is considered as a form “currency between industries/individual to industries/individual.” Using Davenport and Beck’s concept of “Attention Economy” as the point of departure, this paper endeavors to showcase the understanding of the interplay between industries and the audience – the Indonesian Middle-Class Muslims. Locating the issues in the contexts of the Fashion, Celebrity, and the Entertainment industries, the paper then analyzes the benefit and the possible effects of the industries’ practice of the concept – in terms of their focus allocation in gaining and sustaining attention of the audience.