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Tema: Pendidikan
Judul: Presupposition on a Talk Show Entitled Gains Through Governance: An Analysis of Presupposition in “Insight Talk Show”
Perguruan Tinggi: Universitas Muhammadiyah Tangerang
Jenis/sdm: dosen/#0420117202

Tahun: 2016

Presupposition is one of the topics in the study of semantics and pragmatics. In this research the writer more specialized discussion about presupposition in the study of pragmatics, where presupposition are all things or what is in a person's mind about everything in the world this. In this research the writer uses qualitative method, because all data comes from the Talk Show and the data is analyzed based on theories which has been found and analyzed why do the speaker use certain presupposition. Presupposition in Insight Talk Show entitled gains Through Governance taken from conversations the host and the guest, then analyzed with the theory advanced by Yule (1996) about the types presupposition to find out what types of commonly used and the not used in the Harry Potter novels. From the research that has been done, the author uses 20 data samples in order to see the difference in what forms just emerging. In the 20 samples, the writers find 5 of 6 types presupposition; Existential presupposition, Factiva presupposition, Lexical presupposition, Structural presupposition and counter-factual Presupposition. Then the writer gets the finding that the shape or types presupposition that often appear and are used in the talk show is the type of Existential Presupposition. From the research, the writer hopes that this research it can be useful both in teaching as an adjunct science in learn pragmatic, especially presupposition.

Keyword: Presupposition, Insight Talk Show