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Judul: The Influence of Relational Marketing, Trust, dan Emotional Proximity on Customer Loyalty (Case Study BOLT 4G LTE)
Perguruan Tinggi: Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Ekonomi Kesatuan
Jenis/sdm: dosen/0402077202

Tahun: 2018

Abstract. Business development in the telecommunications sector has been increasingly developed and companies in this field are increasingly engaged in competition for loyal customers. But as for the problems of this competition, such as the transfer of consumers from one product to another because companies pay less attention to consumers, moreover the absence of closeness between consumers and the company.

This study aims: 1). To find out whether relational marketing, trust, and emotional closeness together have a significant influence on customer loyalty in the company BOLT 4G LTE; 2). To find out whether relational marketing influences customer loyalty; 3). To find out whether trust influences customer loyalty; 4). To find out whether emotional closeness affects customer loyalty.

The analysis used in this study is multiple linear regression analysis, sample selection is done by purposive sampling. The sample used was 100 respondents, with multiple linear regression analysis. This study uses the Rosque method.

The results showed 1). Relational marketing, trust, emotional closeness together have a positive and significant influence on customer loyalty; 2). Relational marketing has a positive and significant effect on customer loyalty; 3). Trust has a positive and significant effect on customer loyalty; 4). Emotional closeness has a positive and significant effect on customer loyalty. The results of the analysis using the coefficient of determination is known that 76% of customer loyalty variables can be explained by variations of relational marketing variables, trust and emotional closeness, while 24% is explained by other variables not included in this study.

Keywords: Relational Marketing, Trust, Emotional Proximity, Customer Loyalty.