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Tema: International Conference on Lifelong Learning 2011
Judul: The Framework of Education and Training for Quality Management in Small Medium Enterprises
Perguruan Tinggi: Universitas Widyatama
Jenis/sdm: dosen/0429097401

Tahun: 2011

This study initially presents the importance of education and training for quality management within small medium enterprises (SMEs) in Indonesia. Quality management in SMEs is the most relevant topic to be discussed because of its significant contribution to SMEs in developing partnership with large company. The partnership is known as subcontract. In order to make sustainable partnership with large company, SMEs should continually improve of their products and services through implementation of quality management principles. As we know, quality management is a management philoshopy which seeks continuous improvement in the quality of all processes, product, and services of an organization. Introducing quality management concept and practices require an education and training effort. There are several reason for this matter, namely: (a) to inform people of what quality management, how it can be introduced and what it can do, (b) to develop appropriate knowledges, skills, attitudes, and values relating to quality management, (c) to elaborate the tools and techniques of quality improvement, and so on. Thus, investment in education and training is a critical factor in the success of quality management implementation in SMEs. Finally, the papers will give insight into a brief framework of quality management education and training in SMEs e.g. purpose, content, approach, model, learning style, and evaluation process.