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Tema: 2nd International Conference on Accounting Business & Economics (ICABEC 2012)
Judul: The Implementation of Student Centered Learning (SCL) Model in Accounting Information System to Increase Student Core Competency
Perguruan Tinggi: Universitas Widyatama
Jenis/sdm: dosen/0423055901

Tahun: 2012

Student Centered Learning (SCL) is a learning that puts students at the center of the learning process, emphasis on the interests, needs and abilities of individuals. Promising model of learning that explores the characteristics of intrinsic motivation is to build quality human resources. Student Centered Learning problem solving is a learning concept which helps teachers to link between the subject being taught with real-world situations and encourage the students make connections between the knowledge possessed by the application in their daily lives. Seven major components contextual learning, are: (1) constructivism, (2) ask (questioning), (3) inquiry, (4) learning community, (5) modeling, (6) reflection, and (7) authentic assessment. Accounting Information Systems course requires and use logical reasoning as a tool to analyze problems that occur in the real world. Therefore the system of Learning Student Centered Learning is suitable for accounting information systems course. Accounting Information Systems course is supporting other academic subjects such as Auditing, Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, and others. The low competence of students in Accounting Information Systems Course will have an impact on other subjects that need to be a fundamental change, with the implementation of Student Centered Learning, it is expected that students are able to reflect on the theory obtained from the text book with the real world so there is no longer the gap is so a lot of theory with the actual situation in the future if the student must go into society, so have the advantage and competitiveness in the world of work.