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Tema: Conference On Professional Development In Education (PDE2014)
Judul: "Implementing Nunan’s Autonomous Language Learning Model (Nallm) To EFL Students of Widyatama University"
Perguruan Tinggi: Universitas Widyatama
Jenis/sdm: dosen/0015076410

Tahun: 2014

In Indonesia, the efforts to have better outcome in language teaching have been carried out through years starting from the implementation of audio-lingual method to communicative approach, and from grammar to language function orientations; on the other hand, students have studied English for at least 9 years from the third grade of elementary school to the second years of higher education. yet the results still seem unsatisfactory as they are not able to communicate in English well. Some linguists think that language is too complex and varied for students to master if they are only limited by learning time in a classroom. Therefore, in this information and technology era, language teachers need to try to implement the way of teaching - learner autonomy - especially in higher education due to the fact that all language teachers actually have the same wish in that they want their students to become autonomous learners who have ability to take responsibility for their own learning. The autonomous learning is seen as the result of students’ own self-initiated interaction with the world and who takes a (pro-) active role in the learning process, generating ideas and availing themselves of learning opportunities, rather than simply reacting to various stimuli of the teacher. In fact, it is definitely not an easy matter as the language teacher should make their students have ability to set learning goals, monitor the learning process, and carry out self-evaluation, besides attitude to self-directed learning is frequently conditioned by educational culture in which students have studied or are studying. This paper tries to elaborate on 1) the implementation of Nunan’s Autonomous Language Learning Model (NALLM) to the students of Widyatama University taking Academic English, 2) some difficulties or barriers the teachers and the academic English students have in implementing autonomous language learning system, and 3) pedagogical implication of those two for setting better teaching learning process .