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Tema: Conference On Professional Development In Education (PDE2014)
Judul: Blended Learning Design as a mean for Improving Learning in Higher Education
Perguruan Tinggi: Universitas Widyatama
Jenis/sdm: dosen/0414106701

Tahun: 2014

As the development of information technology lead to a variety of activities also take advantage of powerful features. Education played a role in the utilization , development of one of them by learning how to use an electronic or known as e -learning . However, many ways in which the institutions in the implementation of elearning. As performed at the University Widyatama institution to make the learning process in the context of elearning system , the main issue that will arise is, what activities will be conducted by faculty and students in the e-learning system, so it can be said there is a process of learning, which is equivalent or more than the faceto face in the classroom. Rules in the e-learning thiswould be a way to be able to motivate and increase participation of students to be able to play an active role and participate in the learning process, as well as being student centered learning (SCL).Another thing that becomes the focus of this study regarding the number of meetings, which would still have to refer to the rules of the national education ministry. Furthermore, the number of meetings will be designed in order to meet the rules that apply nationally. Similarly, meeting face to face and e-learning system, which needs to be designed activities, the faculty and students as stakeholders must understand the duties and responsibilities in the learning process. The design will be produced later in the class face to face with the virtual class, will result in a blended learning that meets the rules that apply to education in Indonesia.