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Tema: The 13th UBAYA International Annual Symposium on Management (Insyma)
Judul: The Consumer Interest Of Kedai Mangkok Manis Bandung : A Store Atmosphere Perspective
Perguruan Tinggi: Universitas Widyatama
Jenis/sdm: dosen/0402078201

Tahun: 2016

Kedai Mangkok Manis only sells famous desserts. The concept is similar to the Japanese-style and Thailand desserts. Sweet dishes with fresh like ice mix comes with a variety of colorful toppings. It follows the trend by offering an appetizing dessert. Everyday, people are eager to order the sweet dishes. Often, there are dozens of people on the waiting list. This study is intended to determine how the atmosphere of the place can affect consumer interest of Kedai Mangkok Manis. The atmosphere of the place is quite interesting. They use the system open kitchen so that consumers can see the process of making the dessert, but is not supported by the arrangement of tables and chairs. Therefore, the problem will be approached by the concepts and theories about the atmosphere of the place and the interest of consumers themselves.Descriptive verification method will be used in this study. To examine the relationship between the variables used. This method is used because the writer wants to know the reasons for what prompted the emergence of the phenomenon. A sample of 115 people was obtained by using sampling techniques. The data collection was done by means of interviews and questionnaires to obtain the primary data. In the meanwhile, the observation will be done obtain the secondary data.Simple Linear Regression Analysis wll answer the purpose of the research. The results show that the variable mood of the place had an influence on the consumer interest variable Kedai Mangkok Manis. Further research can be done by looking at other variables such as consumer loyalty and service quality.