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Tema: International Journal of Innovation, Management and Technology ISSN : 2010-0248 Volume 3 Nomor 3 June 2012
Judul: Monitoring System on Nine Primary Commodities’ Price in Indonesia
Perguruan Tinggi: Universitas Widyatama
Jenis/sdm: dosen/0412027003

Tahun: 2012

Nowadays computerized systems are used broadly to support human being activities. One of the examples is a monitoring system on nine primary commodities’ price applied in Indonesia. The government has a big concern to monitor those such commodities’ price because of its strategic function for human. As it is well known that there are nine commodities in Indonesia categorized as sembako. Sembako stands for Sembilan Bahan Pokok which means nine primary commodities. They are rice, corn, wheat, soya bean, meat, milk, sugar, cooking oil (coconut oil) and iodine-salt. The commodities have important function to fulfill daily human basic needs. This is why Indonesian Government put a great effort fix up sembako remain affordable and available everywhere. This research is purposed to develop an information system to monitor sembako’s price, as an early warning system. The data is collected from referent markets from all the states in Indonesia centralized in a system which is popular as Market Information System. The system is installed at Trading Ministry Office of Indonesian Republic. Methods of analysis were undertaken by identifying factors constituting the price of each commodity. The output of this study is an early warning system in relation to establish properly government policies when sembako’s price are going unstable, or are signing to reach a maximum allowed price.