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Tema: Jurnal Aset (Akuntansi Riset) e-ISSN : 2541-0342, p-ISSN : 2086-2563 Vol.10, No.2, Juli-Desember 2018 Nationally Accredited based on the Decree of the Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education, Number 30/E/KPT/2018 tanggal 24 October 2018
Judul: Optimalisasi Peran Akuntansi Manajemen dalam Bisnis
Perguruan Tinggi: Universitas Widyatama
Jenis/sdm: dosen/0431078402#0417038701

Tahun: 2018

This research aims to find out how to optimize management accounting as a company strategy in achieving the goals expected by stakeholders. The research method used is descriptive method. Data from the results of direct observation through questionnaires and interviews are processed and described based on sources from the literature (articles, books, magazines, etc.). The results of the research show that good business management requires a variety of information that can help businesses optimize all of their potential. Relevant information related to the company's business activities is obtained by optimizing the role of management accounting in the company. One important role of Management Accounting is to provide information to the right people, in the right way at the right time to improve management's ability to understand the conditions around them, so as to be able to identify relevant activities appropriately, so that by itself will increase business productivity