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Tema: International Journal of Applied Business and Economic Research (IJABER) ISSN : 0972-7032 Vol 13, No 6, September 2015
Judul: Ethnocentrism versus free trade agreement in Indonesian fashion consumers) (the study of made in China fashion product in bandung)
Perguruan Tinggi: Universitas Widyatama
Jenis/sdm: dosen/0421116301

Tahun: 2015

This research attempts to understand consumer behavior in term of the implementation of Free Trade Agreements, such as ACFTA (ASEAN-China Free Trade Area) and Asean Economic Community (AEC). In this research, the authors focusing on the study of consumer ethnocentric tendency of College Students in Bandung, primarily in Chinese fashion product as respresentation of non-Indonesian Products.This study shows that 53.2% Students in Bandung have high ethnocentrism attitude. It shows that most of the Indonesian Students have a strong tendency to see the difference between his own group (in group) in this case the nation of Indonesia and the other group (out group) in this case the Non-Indonesian nations. Referring to the condition it can be predicted that the invasion of non-Indonesian products, especially Chinese, will not be strongly affected the presence of Indonesian fashion products. This is reinforced by some relationships between variables that are supported in this study. The relationship between ethnocentrism and the perception of quality fashion products made in China is negative;it means that the higher the attitude of ethnocentrism students in Bandung, the lower they perceive the quality of fashion products made in China. However, there is one thing to be aware for fashion business in Indonesia, namely the price. This research shows that in spite of ethnocentrism, price is still a major consideration in terms of buying fashion products made in non-Indonesian countries, since there is a positive relationship between perceptions of price and the intention to buy fashion products made in China